Side Table Makeover

First things first: I want to be like JoAnn Gaines. In nearly each and every way possible. That being said – I’m not – like, in any way. However, I do occasionally channel my inner “JoJo-wanna-be” and do some creative things.

After moving into the new house we had to do some rethinking of how our furniture was going to fit the new layout (or the end of the curb). Brett had an old, ugly nightstand that I saw a glimmer of hope in. I also happened to have some spray paint that promised to stick to basically any surface without prep. Yes, please. This is what I was working with. You can find the spray paint here (if you don’t want to leave your chair), or at most hardware stores.  I apologize for the picture quality on the before shots. As you can somewhat see, the finish was peeling off and it was dark with lame hardware.

Brett seems to have difficulty sleeping without water by his side. He doesn’t always drink it, but likes to have the option. He isn’t about taking unnecessary risks like having to get up for water. I respect that. I do not respect the rings this habit leaves on night stands. For that reason, I opted to do some sanding on the top…which led to the sides. With this Rust-Oleum spray paint, this step was not required.

side table makeover

post sanding, before picture of side table

Insert sale on coasters…

Luckily my water man has a nifty sander that I used. I highly recommend a simple sander, like this one, if you plan to do many furniture makeovers. It makes this quick and a little fun.

After some quick sanding moved to the yard, because we are fancy like that.

painting side table

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to – prop up the table on some old boards, or something similar, so that the grass doesn’t stick to the sides and you can get an even application. It takes a couple of coats, but the main thing is keeping the spray moving so the paint does not pool up in areas.

It depends on where you are painting, but the Rust-Oleum paint I used dries pretty quickly. I let it sit a few hours just to be safe on this one.

I couldn’t decide if I should distress or not, so I tested a little distressing on the drawer. After a quick poll of some high influencers, we went for the distressed look and didn’t look back. I had a few extra drawer pulls from a different project, so I swapped one for the lame one I mentioned earlier. Simple hardware changes can make a big difference on furniture, cabinets, etc. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out.

painting side table after

My next DIY furniture makeover is coming soon to my kitchen. Stay tuned!



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