farmhouse bed diy

Farmhouse Bed DIY

I was planning for the next DIY to be a piece for the kitchen but it has been raining, and that puts quite the damper on my outdoor yard studio. I hate to keep you waiting in suspense, so I will ease the pain with a DIY throwback.

I had my eye on a pretty, white farmhouse style bed for what felt like eternity. Lucky for me, Brett enjoys some woodworking and typically encourages my, often wild, ideas. I found some great instructions from this site. If you want to take on any building projects – simple or complex – check out this site. She does great plans for tons of furniture. Others will also post their experiences using the plans. We basically used these plans as a starting point, but strayed off the path to make it our own (part of this was because the plans are for a queen size bed and we have a king).

First step: Measure your bed and your space. Regardless if you are using detailed plans or not, please save yourself a lot of frustration and measure your bed AND your space. Once you get those measurements, do it again. Maybe a third time. Actual bed sizes can vary. Room sizes are obviously different everywhere. Measure.

Next, make a list. You can use the shopping list on the linked plans, but there is a good chance there is something else you noticed you needed or maybe you already have a couple of those things listed. List in hand, head to the hardware store. Another key tip: most hardware stores will cut the wood for you if you do not have a saw. Most will do at least a few for free, but then will typically charge you per cut. There are quite a few cuts, but it ranges from about $0.25-$0.50 per cut (around me), so it is still significantly less expensive than buying a table saw.

Time for assembly! We realized we could use our same frame, so Brett built the head board and foot board and saved a couple boards to put on the sides to cover the metal frame. It was tough to get each board perfectly flush with the surrounding boards, but that is part of what makes it a true farmhouse style (it also makes it easier to distress, if that is in your plans).

We tried a couple different things in the process. We didn’t keep it, but we thought about some sort of trim around the posts, as pictured below. You could also put some detail across the top, or anywhere really. It’s your bed!

farmhouse bed DIY

I wanted mine painted white to match the rest of the bedroom furniture, but it looks beautiful stained as well. In fact, you can even do a combination. This one is completely up to you. If painting, I would recommend doing a quick coat on all of the boards before putting them together. It’s not required (obviously), but there were a few places that were hard to cover once it was assembled.
painted footboard

As you can see, we propped it up on sawhorses – painting takes some time, as you have to wait for one side to fully dry before moving to the opposite side. This was the tough part for me. That so close, yet so far away feeling…

painting farmhouse bed

Once all pieces are painted or stained, move them inside to the bed. Assembling these remaining parts together is much easier done around the bed, rather than trying to move the completed project inside and under the mattress.

assembling farmhouse bed

You should definitely have a helper. But really, let’s take a moment and discuss how adorable this guy is. Clearly, he is also quite the handy-dog. Or just adorable.

If you are using a metal frame, just screw the headboard and footboard to the frame (your frame should have some holes for this already). If not, follow the directions in the original plans for a frame.

Finally, put cozy sheets, blankets and pillows on top! 🙂

farmhouse bed diy



2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Bed DIY

    • LivingYoung&Caffeinated says:

      Thank you! It really is worth doing yourself. We’ve seen basically the same thing for over $2000 – and this one is special to us.


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