The Mom Who Eventually Gets Things Done

I wrote this post almost two years ago, but it is still extremely true to who I am as a mother. As mothers, I think exposing these little truths make us more relatable to one another. We don’t need to be perfect. Plus, it is so much funnier when we’re not perfect!

Oct. 2014

It’s true. I am not a Type  A personality mom, and many days I desperately wish I was. There are qualities of a Type A person that I carry with me at work, and when I was in school every thing had to be done perfectly. It would take me DAYS to write a simple two page paper. My husband would grow frustrated with me just watching me sit on the computer days in and out working on the same thing.

Maybe he has a right to be annoyed. I understand some of that frustration stems from him watching me be Type A with things outside of the home and not so much at home. He swears it’s the reason he loves me, but what woman believes what their husband tells you?

One of things he finds frustrating is the lack of professional photos we have done as a family or just of Lilah. This is not to be confused with his lack of ever wanting to be in a photo. It mainly comes from my track record:

Couples Session taken – never printed a single one

Engagement Session taken – ordered several months later, we have maybe three in our home

Wedding taken – ordered almost two years later, but I did hang those (well not ALL of them)

Family Session – ordered immediately (it helps when the photographer makes you, seriously) but didn’t hang them for almost a year

So when Lilah turned three I called up my best friend (who takes amazing pictures in her spare time) and said let’s do a mini-session. My daughter turned three last May…but TODAY I have them! I am very optimistic that I will hang these by next week, but in no way am I making that promise.

Oh, you would like a preview of the cutest kid ever…well you are in luck, I am in the make your day kind of mood.

– K

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