The Greatest Meal Ever Created

I don’t claim to be an enthusiast of many things. I love baseball, good music of all genres and cats…I really love cats. One thing I can say I pride myself on is knowing where to get the best Cashew Chicken dishes, how to make a pretty darn close dupe (recipe here) and explaining in mouth watering detail what Cashew Chicken is to those who have no idea what I am talking about.

Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Cashew Chicken sauce is in my blood. We have an entire day dedicated for it called Cashew Craze!

Apparently, in 1963 the traditional Chinese food wasn’t cutting it in the southwest city and a smart man  named David Leong realized what all Missourians want as a main dish. Fried protein covered in a gravy-like sauce – Cashew Chicken was born!

Now, I have personally never been to the creator’s restaurant. I know, shame on me. It isn’t because I don’t want to, but mainly because I have found some of the best Cashew Chicken in the southwest region elsewhere. It is hard to leave a good thing when you find it. I have heard great things though and highly suggest trying it out on my behalf and sending us your review!

K’s Top Cashew Chicken Spots

Yum Yum Bowl – Springfield, MO

Hear me out, the name really does it justice once you take your first bite! This tiny restaurant has put a big mark on my favorite dish. You order at the counter but every single pieces of chicken is made fresh to order, perfect bite sizes (pet peeve of mine) and always so crispy. The sauce is the best I have yet to experience. It’s thicker than other versions I’ve come across, but packed with rich flavor and so smooth. Is that a normal way to explain sauce, smooth? Well, I just did. I also recommend ordering this dish with steamed rice. Let the sauce shine!

Oriental Inn – Marshfield, MO

This is what I like to call a hidden gem. Unless you grew up in the area, you are not going to be familiar with the famous Cashew Chicken from Oriental Inn. Hidden in a tiny strip mall, this is where I realized my love for this dish at a very young age. Order at the counter, but make sure you have cash or check. No plastic accepted. Most people order to-go but there are a few tables to sit. The chicken is always fresh, but the difference here is the sauce. It has a much thinner consistency and a little sweeter taste than Yum Yum Bowl. The chicken and rice is then drenched in it, and the breading of the chicken soaks it up quickly. My mouth is watering now.

China Star – Springfield, MO

Ever since I discovered Yum Yum Bowl I have to admit I haven’t been to China Star in several years. This is where I gained my freshmen 15 when I first moved to Springfield. Three of my friends and I moved into apartments directly behind China Star. So naturally we ordered the takeout once and got hooked. This is a very simple Cashew Chicken but still worth the mention. The sauce is probably a good between of Yum Yum and Oriental Inn – gravy-like but not super thick. You get a lot of bang for you buck here as well. Their egg drop soup was also a go-to, especially when I wasn’t feeling well. It’s not as dense as most egg drop soups and it is packed with chicken and veggies. I really miss the good ole’ college days.

Excuse me while I clean up the drool that is now all over my keyboard.


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