August Julep Beauty Box

August Julep Reveal

I’ve always loved getting something fun in the mail. I wrote letters to friends growing up, I still buy cards for birthdays and holidays and I love subscription packages. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a gift in the mail each month? I’ve tried a few different options, but I currently get Julep, BarkBox (oh yes, you’ll see some of these) and I’m awaiting my first FabFitFun box.

Julep sends great makeup, skincare and nail products in each monthly box. My favorite things about Julep:

  1. You can customize your box before it sends. Don’t want the neon orange polish? Swap it out for something more classic. Want to try something a little more wild? Opt for that flaming orange this month!
  2. They make good products that are good for you.
  3. They encourage women to look at beauty differently than typical beauty products with the Brave Pretty campaign. Kind of an inspiring, uplifting “you do you” jive.
  4. They support good causes – check out a few on their site here.
  5. I can skip a month if I should be saving money or I don’t need any product that month.
  6. I can cancel at any time. I don’t want to, but I appreciate my freedoms.

This month Julep celebrates five years with some exclusive products. Aside from quality products, the boxes are always well packaged with cute details throughout.

This birthday box contains a set of three lipsticks (I love their lipsticks) and an invisible lip liner that can be used with any lip color, which is convenient for someone like me who tends to collect lipsticks. I love the colors in this set!

To get a box of pretty at your door each month join here.


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