Crates to the Rescue || DIY Storage

Moving to a new city was a huge adjustment in itself for my family. The move was such a quick move due to my husband’s new job, we didn’t have time to sell our house in Springfield and buy a new one in Jefferson City. For now, we are renting out our home in Springfield to some wonderful people and renting a house ourselves in Jeff.

I cannot even begin to explain how lucky we are to have found a house to rent in Jeff in the school district we wanted for our daughter. Unlike Springfield, Jeff does not have a saturated market for rentals. We definitely know God had his hand on this house just for us. We are grateful.

That being said, going from owning your home to renting is a very foreign concept for my husband and me. We are “fixer uppers” when it comes to making a house a home. As most of you know, in a rental you are limited to what you can do both inside and outside. This has forced me to get a little creative with the space we have…starting with the playroom.

My husband and I only have one daughter and in her short life of five years she has managed to collect the entire Toys R Us inventory. To her credit, she plays with most everything she owns. Still, from time to time we rid ourselves of things we have outgrown or think someone else might enjoy more than we do.

In the rental we have a half basement. The first thing my husband and I both said was, “This is where we will put all of her toys!” And we did. The problem is it lacks any kind of storage or shelves.

So I took a page out of my best friend’s book and bought a lot of wooden crates, six to be exact at Lowes in the storage container aisle. Now brace yourself for the very difficult instructions of how to create a storage shelf using these…are you ready? I am not sure you are, but here it is.

  1. Stack them.
  2. Bask in your DIY abilities.


It is that simple and they were a perfect size for her colorful containers we bought at Michael’s a few months back and her favorite books!


We only did six because this was the perfect height for her to reach everything on the top. Plus, if you notice the room has trim all along the sides of the wall and would have caused the crates not to be flush with the wall. You could fasten them to one another and even screw them into the wall itself if you want it to be extra secure. Ours are pretty sturdy thanks to the carpet and keeping the max height to three crates tall.


To give them an even more polished look I would suggest staining or painting them. We left them the raw wood for a few reasons.

  1. It didn’t seem out of place in her playroom with all the different shades of pink she has going on and the raw look is pretty in style right now.
  2. Since we are renting, I’d rather invest time into them when I know where they are gong to be permanently in our new house.
  3. I just didn’t feel like painting or staining…who does?

Talking with L, we have come up with so many ideas of how to use these inexpensive crates in the rest of the house. Stay tuned!


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