L&K’s Top Fall Beauty Products || Review

Is it just me or does it seem way too early for fall to be taking over? All things pumpkin at the grocery store, new sweater arrivals and all the boots coming back out. Don’t get me wrong, I love these things, it just seems to be creeping into retail markets sooner and sooner each year. I’m basically convinced that we will be wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes in the pool for Fourth of July by 2020.

That aside, fall isn’t just pumpkin flavored everything and cozy sweaters – your beauty routine might shift a bit as well. K and I have collaborated a list of our favorite beauty products to transition your look from summer to fall.

L’s Top Picks (in no particular order):

  1. Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer – I just recently got my hands on this stuff (currently exclusive to Clinique and Sephora and I’m an Ulta addict) and it may have changed my life. Or at least my skin. Fall or not, if you have oily skin like mine with big ‘ole pores – transition to this now. This moisturizer has a completely new texture and basically works as a moisturizer, primer and mattifier (is that a word?) all at once.
  2. Julep lipstick in “Pop” – I got this new beauty just in time for this post in my last Julep Beauty Box; you can see the Julep Beauty Box Reveal here. The Pop shade was one of the three lipsticks in the Cheers to Five Years Collection. At first glance it almost seems too purple for my taste, but the color is perfect for fall. Get the full set here.
  3. OPI In The Cable Carpool Line – I have nearly 25 of basically the same shade of bright pink polish. While I will use that all year, most people classify that as spring/summer. To be fair, I also like a variety of greys and darker pinks in the fall, so this is a great transition shade – not too dark, but just enough to tone down the brights of summer.


K’s Top Picks (Clinique is this mom’s BFF):

  • Clinique Smart Night-custom repair moisturizer – I tend to be a combination to dry skin. In the winter, I am just dry. SO. DRY. At the same time, I cannot stand thick formula moisturizers. I read once the best time for your skin to “repair” its moisture is when you sleep. This moisturizer is just for that! It has a refreshing quality to it so I don’t feel like I just packed my face down with crisco for the night. It is a game changer and I actually look forward to putting it on after washing my face. L is also happy I am even moisturizing at all.


  • Clinique Even Better (03 ivory) or Clinique Superbalanced Silk (05 silk ivory) – Ok so transitioning into fall I need more from my foundation than I do in the summer. It’s the pesky dry skin that begins to take over. Clinique Even Better evens and corrects, plus it has more moisture and is a thicker formula. The overall coverage is amazing, but still keeping with the famous Clinique naked look. When I have dry patches or acne, Even Better is the #1 foundation I use. I included the Superbalanced foundation because this formula is almost powder like when applied. So if you are like L, and oily skin is a daily battle, even in the winter…Superbalanced will save your sanity.


  • IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials-matte Luxe Eyeshadow Palette – L got me hooked on this and she has tried A MILLION palettes. These neutral, matte shadows are so versatile. I can go more natural or easily blend a smoking eye in minutes. I was so impressed with these. They are super soft and fine, but the pigment is still strong. Plus the colors don’t scream fall, but are a nice transition from the summer shimmer neutrals, to the fall mauve mattes. A+.
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (beso) & Clinique Pop (06 love pop) – Time to break out the reds, purples and mauves lip lovers! Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to wear pink all year long…I just can’t help it. The Stila Stay in beso is a perfect red to get the season started. It’s a deeper bright red (I really despise orange reds) but looks good with everything! The stay all day rings true for this brand. My only downfall is make sure your lips are completely rid of dead skin and moisturized well because this is a dry formula. If lip stains just aren’t your thing, try Clinique’s Gloss in love pop. It’s not a thick gloss where you feel the need to rub your lips together all day long. The plum color is on point. Honestly, I had discounted all glosses as a “that’s so 2005” but they are making a comeback and this one has me believing again in my teenage dreams.


  • Morrocanoil-Smoothing Lotion – Like my skin, my hair tends to dry out more in the winter, and then I damage it more with a blowdryer making for a bad combo. I am not a huge user of hair products. I definitely stick to your basics: shampoo, conditioner (maybe) and a sea salt spray here and there. I use this product year round for the control it gives me when my hair has a mind of its own, but I use it more in the winter. While my hair is still wet I take about a pea size and run it through my hair about mid-way all the way down to my ends. It really just keeps my hair looking silky soft, and helps keep a barrier between my hair and the damage caused by heat. I have no idea if it’s known for this, but my color tends to look better after one use. Also, it smells like heaven…if you’re into that sort of thing.




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