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How to Build a Diaper Cake || DIY

I love functional decorations. Not only are they creative and adorable, but they serve a purpose and you don’t throw them away after your event (given it is event decor). With that in mind, I am part of the planning committee for a very special baby shower coming up, and you guessed it – I want functional decorations. Nearly everything is cute in newborn size, so it can be simple. There are tons of ways to decorate with items the new mom and dad can take home and USE rather than spend all the money on things thrown away when the guests leave.

One great example of functional decor for a baby shower is a diaper cake. Luckily the dogs never wore diapers as puppies, but from what I understand, those human children go through tons of diapers. While the cute stuff is fun to shop for, those diapers are functional (no worries, I still bought the cute things, too).

Per the usual, I made a number of mistakes so that you can do it right the first time.

  1. While it may seem like there are 200 diapers in a diaper cake, there are not. Well, maybe if you make a ridiculously large cake, but for my three tier cake roughly a foot in diameter, I used about 70-75. Good news: I at least got a gift card for buying two of the giant boxes.
  2. Don’t wait until all tiers are constructed before placing your rod/skewer in to secure them together. I did this and had to semi deconstruct to get the skewer through without puncturing a diaper (you’re welcome new moms and dads).
  3. Just buy the rubber bands.

I started with the idea that I could just roll the diapers and they would stay that way. That’s what the pictures look like, right? I had a slightly used roll of paper towels, thinking I could fake the middle and keep them together that way (and yet I still felt I needed nearly 200 diapers? Who knows). Wrong. They unravel and you need at least 17 hands.


  1. Diapers
  2. Rubber bands. (I got these rubber bands from Target because I was there and they were cheap. According to the reviews, they are terrible, but I didn’t have any issues with them)
  3. Skewer or thin dowel rod
  4. Ribbon/tulle
  5. Cute topper
  6. A bit of patience


  1. Roll diapers individually and secure with small rubber band.
  2. Surround three rolled diapers with rolled diapers and secure bunch with rubber band.
  3. Stick skewer or dowel rod through the center of the top tier. You will want to do this by tier instead of at the end to avoid sticking the skewer through a diaper and causing a big mess later.
  4. Do the same for the next tier, but add more diapers. Tip: It is easier to get the rubber band around the bunch when it is smaller, then add the additional layers around.
  5. Do step 4 again, but add even more rolled diapers for the base of the cake. This might take an additional, larger rubber band based on what sizes you have to work with.
  6. Wrap ribbons around the rolled bunches. I used tulle and ribbon. Keep in mind tulle is very thin, so the color appears much lighter off the roll. I tucked the excess ends between rolled diapers for the layers that don’t have a bow on the front. I also enforced them with a tiny clothes pin.
  7. Add something cute on top. I chose this fox, but you can do whatever you want with this.
  8. Take to shower, humbly accept compliments 😉

diaper cake suppliesdiaper cake assemblydiaper cake ribbonsdiaper cakediaper cake finished


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