Little Boy Wall Art || Free Prints

Lately, I have had a lot of time on my hands with job searching since the move. With that time I like to turn on my music full blast and get creative with digital prints. I am still very much an amateur and most of what I like to do is just mix fonts.

In the last few years, Pinterest and Etsy have exploded with wall art prints. I love them but buying them is unrealistic for me.

  1. It’s 2016 and I don’t own a printer.
  2. I know I won’t go somewhere to print, that takes effort.
  3. Cost money to buy, go somewhere and print, and get a new frame.

So unless it is at my local Target or Hobby Lobby all ready to hang on my wall…I’m not about it, but a lot of my friends are!

L recently told me about a baby shower she is hosting. I suggested creating prints for the little prince-to-be (see what I did there?) to use for easy party decor and reusable if mom and dad like it for art in the nursery. And because I am so nice (and there is no reason these shouldn’t be free) use the prints for yourself!


Be Strong in the Lord Little Man

You are Our Greatest Adventure

Kid You’ll Move Mountains



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