Coffee Table Markover || DIY

I finally got around to refinishing another piece of bachelor furniture. This one was actually a hand me down piece that Brett received from a friend. (I bet his wife regrets that if she sees this!)

Here is the before. It’s plain and all stained up. Please, people, use a coaster or a napkin. Just don’t let your cups, beer cans, etc. sweat all over wooden furniture.

coffee table makeover before

Also, please excuse all the nonsense in the background. You’ll notice Lincoln likes to be involved in all projects.

I started out by sanding. Since I wanted to stain this one and not just coat it in spray paint, I did a slightly better job sanding. sanded coffee table

I stained the top. This was my first time staining furniture…it is very simple. Key thing to remember: a little tiny bit of stain basically covers the whole thing. But really, go easy on that. After testing a paint brush, old t-shirt and a foam brush I highly recommend the foam brush method. It was much easier to control than the regular paint brush and left a better texture than the t-shirt.

coffee table stained

I used dark walnut stain. Mainly because we had a can of it in the shed. Conveniently, I really like how the color turned out. You can see the wood is far from perfect, but I wanted it to have some character. If you’re working with something much more flawless, but want this worn in look you can literally beat it up a bit (most people use chains, but anything tough enough will do the trick). You can also achieve some of that with the staining methods.

I have zero patience, so I started painting the legs right away. I did put a little painters tape around the top, but of course I still sprayed the freshly stained, still wet top part in a few spots. I just wiped the paint off and dabbed my stain-filled foam brush over it. Adding that character, right?

coffee table makeover aftercoffee table makeover

Note, as learned in the side table DIY , if you paint in a fancy studio like I do (AKA the yard), it is very handy to prop the table up on boards or something of the sort so that you can paint the legs without the grass in the way. Plus, that way they catch most of your extra paint.

I gave it a thick coat of polyurethane, because we all know Brett is just itching to put some cups on the poor thing. Fits right in.



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