October Julep Box || Subscription Box Reveal

I love finding that small, brown and purple box in my mailbox.

October Julep box reveal

As I mentioned in this Julep Reveal post, one of my favorite things about Julep’s subscription boxes is that you can pick what you want to get. I love a good surprise, but I’ve noticed that I often just end up collecting items from subscription boxes rather than using them. Not true with this one, because I can select the products I need or want to try before my box ships. Thanks, Julep!

I was excited to see that the konjac sponge and the love your bare face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick were options for this one. I had tried the cleanser in a previous box with a similar sponge and was anxiously awaiting more. The sponge is nice and comes with a little suction cup to hang the sponge in the shower (sponges absorb, so don’t leave them lying in excess, dirty water before you try to clean yourself with one). The cleanser, though. The first time this came in my box was probably a time that I forgot to check the app and make my changes. I thought it was strange and I wasn’t sure how to even use this product. Fear not, it’s simple and I now love this cleanser. It is so easy to use, and you don’t overuse or waste product. It lathers up great and is soft and gentle, but you still feel clean after using it.  For those wondering, I have sensitive, breakout-prone oily skin. Yeah, lucky me. img_5667

In addition to my sponge and face cleanser, I received two shades of nail polish. Linda, which is a light lavender creme color and Desiree, which is a holographic top coat. Both good neutral (with a little flair) colors.

julep polish

What did you get in your box? Don’t get the box yet – don’t miss out! Join us here and you’ll even get a free gift to get started.


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