What am I doing here?

“What am I doing here? Did I make the right choice? What if this isn’t for me?” We all ask ourselves these questions at some point. Wait, that’s not just me, right?

I recently left my job to relocate with my fiancé. As I started searching for jobs in the new area I prayed that God would show me opportunities, and that He would make it clear where I was supposed to be. Clarity is one of the things I pray hardest for because I know I can be stubborn and blind to His plan more often than not. After much prayer, interviews, negotiations, and more prayer I accepted my current position.

Que all the questions.

I’m a marketing professional. There are days that I do some cool, fun marketing things and there are days that I wonder why in the world I chose this profession. Typically these thoughts are accompanied by the comparison of other professions. What difference am I making as a marketing professional? What legacy do I leave? There are nurses and doctors that save lives; missionaries share God’s Word around the world; teachers educate our future leaders (and wipe noses, put out fights and tie shoes).

It’s amazing how God provides clarity when you ask for it. There’s a reason we aren’t all nurses, doctors, missionaries or teachers. God created each of us to have different talents and to use them for His glory. What legacy am I leaving? Hopefully the one that shines Christ’s light in my office, or a client meeting.

“Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV)

I don’t need to start over in my career search, I need to start finding how to do my job in a way that gives God the glory. That’s what I’m doing here.


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