K’S Family Pictures || Photography

Family pictures are ironic. They always showcase the best fleeting moments and smiles of the day even when the day is anything but picture perfect.

I decided we needed new family photos since the last ones we had were when my now five year old daughter was one. Our last ones took place in the summer so I thought fall would be a good change. Plus the city we live in now has trees EVERYWHERE!

We woke up bright and early, so we had good lighting, and everyone put on the very fall outfits I picked out for them. When we stepped outside it was 80 degrees…in October. Thanks Missouri.

So as we combated the sweat, my daughter started getting a less than positive or compliant attitude. First, she was mad she couldn’t play at the park where we were taking pictures. Then, she just flat out refused to be in any of the pictures. My husband and I let frustration take over. Thank goodness our photographer is my best friend. She was able to take control of the situation better than we could. You know, that crazy phenomenon where your kid listens to every word someone else says but disobeys you, the parent. Deep breaths.

Eventually, due mostly to my extremely talented friend, we were able to get some good shots. What I am trying to say in all of this, is nothing is ever as it appears. There are always struggles or battles happening, but we shouldn’t hide them like we are ashamed. Reach out to someone, share your testimony of the scars you bare and how they helped you find your smile.



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