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Last Minute Shopper || A Gift Guide

Wait until the last to do your shopping, and now you can’t think of a good gift? Surely I’m not the only one that does this…

We’ve put some ideas together to help. Ironically, even after the list, neither of us are done with our shopping. Trust me, you are not alone. Also, thank goodness for Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Prime (I don’t know how you live), you can try it for free here.

For her:

  1. Subscription boxwe love Julep, and FabFitFun . I’m also wanting to try StitchFix — these are great gifts that keep giving – literally. Plus, you’re giving a thoughtful gift, and she still gets to customize and pick what she wants – win win.
  2. Nail polish/makeup – great stocking stuffers! My personal favorite for nails is anything OPI. Makeup can be tough, but it’s hard to go wrong with a great color lip. Better yet, check out K’s Ulta gift review.
  3. Watch – I’m guilty of collecting a slightly ridiculous amount of watches, but it is a timeless (ha!) gift. My personal favorites are Fossil, Michael Kors and Kate Spade. Fun fact: Fossil actually manufactures all of those and more. Check out Watch Station for great options.
  4. Pretty notebook – TJMaxx/Marshalls and Target have great options for sometime simple and cheap, but if your recipient is more of a connoisseur of notebooks, there are some elaborate options as well. Check out  

For him:

  1. Amazon Echo – great gift for anyone, really. Bonus: it’s on sale right now 
  2. Smartwatch – Fossil Q. I actually just got this for Brett about a month ago. I was very curious about them and felt less guilty buying him one as a “just because” gift than buying one for myself. We were unsure at first, but it has nearly replaced his other watches now. I have mixed feelings on that. What I love most about it – it still looks like a “real” watch. Still looks like something an adult should be wearing at work, but with the technology your man might want on his wrist.
  3. Whiskey/scotch – Obviously this only works if your recipient likes these, but you could also switch it up to a nice bottle of wine or rum. The key is splurging for something you wouldn’t stock at home on the regular. A favorite of Brett’s is Balvenie – 12 year is our go-to, so for a special occasion I go with the 14 Caribbean Cask or a 15-17 year
  4. Tools – if your man is handy (or likes to think he is) tools can be a great investment. These are things that not only will he like and use, but typically tools are kept forever and passed down in families.

For the kids:

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera – They come in adorable colors and bundles. Not only is this fun for the kiddos, but also drastically different than taking pictures on your iPhone, which may be all our children know…
  2. Books – options for every age and interest. Pretty simple for the little ones, but there are great collectible editions for the more picky reader.
  3. Ornaments – never too late (or early) to start an annual ornament tradition. Growing up mine was the holiday Barbie.
  4. CDs – Hear me out. Kids love music, at least my kid does, but I am not setting her up on Spotify at 5. Ya, no. So a few years ago we got her a Hello Kitty CD player. Adorable. She has used the crap out of that thing. She needs a new one. So for gifts we get her the latest soundtracks to her favorite Disney movies. For Christmas this year I highly suggest: Trolls Soundtrack and Moana Soundtrack. Also my kid loves Kidz Bop. Best part – you control what songs your child listens to.
  5. Stuffed animals – find a good quality stuffed animal. Just a fact that kids, boy or girl, love stuffed animals. Beenie Boos are a big thing right now – they are made by TY, and very similar to the Beanie Babies we once collected. If you have a collector, grab a few of these and a basket for them all to live in. Land of Nod has some cute options, and they are adorable enough to use as decor in the kids’ room or play room.
  6. Games – age appropriate games you can play together (or the kids can play with each other). Some options for the younger ones are Sneaky Snacky Squirrel and Crocodile Dentist. (There is also a dog version of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel)  For the older group, go with something traditional that the whole family will enjoy – gift for all.

For the office/white elephant gift exchange:

  1. Yeti (real or fake) cup
  2. Moleskine notebook – reasonably price, but still a nice quality (and size) for anyone at the office, or even at home. There are some great personalization options right now. If you officially ran out of time, they are available on Amazon, too. 
  3. Wine – a nice bottle of wine is a great gift for almost anyone (over 21, of course). Even if wine isn’t your thing, it’s great to have around the house this time of year, whether you are hosting or need something to bring to your great aunt’s house for dinner.

For the pups (you had to see that coming…):

  1. Barkbox. We love Barkbox – they have the best toys and treats that I don’t feel bad giving my pups. If you don’t want to subscribe, at least check out the toys in the BarkShop

Have any great ideas we missed? Let us know! Happy shopping 🙂


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