Silhouette Cameo Joy to the world ornament

Silhouette Cameo Christmas Ideas || DIY

Inspired by others’ ideas and the overwhelming number of adorable things on Pinterest, I had a list of things I wanted to make with my Silhouette Cameo. Turns out – I still haven’t won the lottery and I have limited time and budget. Anyone else?

I only made a few of the things I planned, and as you can tell, they were basically all last minute. You still have time. It’s not Christmas yet. I will say there are a few things that I’m holding out on in case the recipients are reading this. Those might be added after Christmas.

First up, an ornament. There are TONS of these on Pinterest. About 99.8% of them are full on glitter. Like glitter on glitter, coated with glitter. We have a pretty firm NO Glitter Policy at our house – it’s simple: no glitter, so I wasn’t even tempted to try those (even though some are cute). Can we take a moment on this glitter thing. Has anyone cleaned that? By clean I obviously mean transfer to other surfaces and carry with you (and anyone else you cross) permanently. I’m almost positive I have some glitter on me from a craft I made in Kindergarten.

I picked up a clear “glass” ornament from Hobby Lobby weeks ago knowing I would want to attempt one of these. I’m sure it was at least 50% off (making it maybe $1 or so), and soon will be even less. I actually used some of the packing material from the Julep box to stuff in the middle.  I picked out two fonts: Magnolia Sky and Braveblood. When choosing fonts, the old cliche phrase “opposites attract” typically applies – curly with straight, thick with thin. Designed my Joy to the World in the Silhouette Studio, sent to Silhouette, weed, apply! As I learned with the pumpkins in my previous Silhouette post, with anything round it helps to add cuts around the letters in your contact paper (or transfer tape) to help the letters go on around curves smoothly.

Silhouette Cameo ornament idea

Next, I snagged one of these wooden chargers at the Target Dollar Spot. Side note, I want to know who actually gets out of that area spending a dollar. It’s actually pretty cute without any addition, and honestly I’m not thrilled with how this one turned out. Again, I chose a curly, script font and a skinny, straight font (Braveheart and Sunn) for the words and a few Christmas themed vector images to even out my lines. The idea was for it to look like a tree – you can decide if that worked or not. Since I used the different colors I had to cut each line individually, transfer individually, etc. It isn’t hard, but I will say it takes more time. Sadly, it looked better with the white vinyl backing because the words showed up better.

target dollar spot charger with silhouette vinylsilhouette cameo target charger

Last, but definitely not least, wine glasses. I actually bought a box of these when a friend of mine got married (made cute mr. & mrs. glasses for them and an adorable decanter with their monogram and wedding date). We are doing a white elephant gift exchange at the office and I needed a good gift and a bad gift (tomorrow). Spoiler alert: bad gift is literally coal. For the good gift, but still under $10 and gender/age neutral I decided I would decorate another set of wine glasses and pair with a cheap bottle of wine from the Lindeman’s Smile Collection. Cheap = $4.50 at the grocery store. I bought a bottle for myself to make sure it wasn’t terrible, and I can’t complain one bit. Solid $4.50 wine. In fact – this $4.50 bottle of wine makes me smile. Again, grab a cute font – this is Magnolia Sky again – design in the Silhouette Studio, cut and transfer. I wrapped the coal in a nice Christmas bag with matching tissue and the good gift I wrapped in actual trash. I think I’ll fool ’em!

Silhouette cameo merry christmas wine glasses

Did you make anything with the Silhouette Cameo for decorating or gifting? Share with us!



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