Begin New in 2017 || A Resolution for Everyone

It’s that time again. Time to make a resolution about how you can better yourself or your life in 2017. Most people lean towards getting healthy, losing weight, working out or just eating more vegetables (I should look into that). Others go a more kick-an-old-habit route: sabbatical from social media, putting their phone away when they are with family or promising to read more.

These are all amazing resolutions and should be praised. Sometimes the first step is realizing you have room to grow. Seriously, go you!

But I have never understood why this idea of renewing and encouragement only comes once a year?

To me that cultivates failure. Hear me out. If you only have Jan. 1 of every year to decide what you will do different for that entire year…isn’t that a heavy burden?

We have all heard the stats. It is almost 50% of people fail at their New Year’s resolutions. To me, we should talk about the 50% succeeded, but that’s another topic for another day.

New Year’s resolution have almost become a joke because the stigma is you will never meet your goal. Now, I don’t know what the measurement is of what makes a resolution successful. Do you have to succeed by Jan. 31? For at least 6 months? The entire year? Your life? What is it?

Peter said our God is patient and gives us time to come to Him. And once you do, He is still patient through all your mistakes. He forgives you and allows you to come back to Him over and over and over again. Starting brand new each time. He doesn’t give you a deadline. Peter said God is being patient for our sake. Knowing we will stumble, fall or just plain give-up. But there He remains, patient for our sake.

So do not get discouraged when trying to obtain these goals you have set out for yourself this year. Every step you take, big or small, is an accomplishment. But do not fear failure, because you are being patiently waited for with love. Hand over your burdens to Him, over and over again…and begin new.




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