May || Things I Am Loving This Month

Things I am Loving this Month…

From home décor to shows I’m watching, to what food I can’t stop eating, this is my list of things I am loving this month. – K

Ok, I might be late to the game on this one, but for the past two weeks I have made every dinner from People, this is where I am slowly discovering that eating healthy CAN taste and look good. That has literally never happened to me before until now.

She uses fresh ingredients.  What is even better is she uses ingredients I have heard of and can locate on my own at the grocery store.  I made the chicken enchiladas for my Mexican-food loving man. He told me it was one of my top five best things I have ever made. I felt like wife of the year with that one because it was healthy and he had no idea.

Not the best photo, but below is how they turned out!

Chicken Enchiladas


Other Skinny recipes I have tried:


I even love the way that word looks. As we prepared for L’s wedding last month, we have had our hands on a lot of eucalyptus. It is mostly the dried eucalyptus you can find at Hobby Lobby.

1) It’s a beautiful deep blue, deep green color.

2) It smells amazing!

3) Why weren’t we using to decorate before?

So I decided to pick two bundles up and see if I couldn’t bring more life into my living room’s fireplace. I love how it turned out, and I am even thinking about adding some small white blossoms to give it an even more spring feel.


Thirteen Reasons Why

If you know me, you know my Netflix game is strong. I love their original shows and movies. I spend more time browsing the documentary section than actually watching one. Plus, Netflix allows me to watch “The Office” every night before I go to bed. Priorities.

I think I literally heard about Thirteen Reasons Why only a few days before it premiered. It was a Netflix original, so immediately I was game.

Heavy. It is an intense drama series look into teen suicide. So yea, it is heavy stuff and definitely a “watch after the kids go to bed” kind of show. But I believe the message is so important in a multitude of ways. As a now 27-year-old mother, it terrifies me, but as a 27-year-old woman who remembers high school a lot differently than this show depicts it…scares me even more.

I also just learned it was a very popular book while I was in high school. It was actually published when I was 17 years old. The same age as the main characters in the book, but somehow I never heard about it until now. It is one of those stories that sticks with you weeks after you hear it…I told you, heavy.

NYX Butter Gloss

I’m pretty excited the gloss game is back in play for 2017. I like lipsticks and lip stains, but I really hate how they make my lips feel dry within minutes of wear. I don’t care what they promise; my lips always end up dry. I have been layering my stains and lipsticks with a gloss, and I do enjoy that for a more put together look.

But the NYX Butter Gloss is where it is at! At $4 a tube, you can find it almost anywhere: Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. They are tinted, which I prefer, and the pink shades are my favorite. I have seen a few other bloggers try out the mauves and browns. They are actually really pretty, too. So far, I haven’t found a color I don’t like and the formula is not the sticky gooey lip gloss we remember from the 2000’s.

Spray Tans

In preparations for L’s wedding I wanted to try my first spray tan, nothing heavy or 10 shades darker just a nice glow. Which I am sure is something they hear everyone say when getting their first spray tan. Well guess what? It is totally possible and it only took 10 minutes!

I choose to go to a girl at my salon who was highly recommended instead of a spray tan booth. Because I have never tried the booth way I can’t say if it is better, the same or worse.

I have had skin reactions when I was in high school to self-tanners, so she did a light coat. Plus, I am so pale right now and we didn’t want to go from one extreme to the next. She made a very good point saying, “I can always get you darker, but I can’t get you lighter.”

I am hooked. This stuff is magic. I had a natural glow within minutes and it lasted a week: no orange, no streaking.

What I wouldn’t recommend, is getting your spray tan on your lunch break. You can’t wear makeup, deodorant or lotion…so you can image the hot mess I looked like coming into work that day.

I went a few shades darker for L’s wedding and it turned out so natural looking!

Day of the wedding:


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