NYX || A Review

I’ve heard so many good things about NYX products (side note: apparently that is actually pronounced “nics” not an abbreviation). Obviously I needed to check it out.

Butter gloss. Yes. In all the colors.

Few things to know here:

1. Go ahead and get that wild looking color, because they are pretty sheer and it doesn’t look as crazy on as it does in the tube.

2. Not the lip gloss of the ’90s. It’s actually moisturizing, but not wet and slimy.

3. It is a little sticky. K doesn’t have this problem as much, but my hair gets stuck to my lips if I wear this out on a windy day. Maybe I just need to tame my hair? Nah.

4. This is not the same as the Intense Butter Gloss. Key word: Intense. Tried this and I don’t ever need to do that again. Stick to the regular. No one needs Intense gloss. (I mean, I’m not judging you if you want to go that route – but be warned – stuff is THICK and the color of the tube is pretty true.

Brow pencil. I’ll pass. It’s cheap, which is nice, but also probably the problem in this case. As soon as I pulled the cap off I instantly remembered coloring with old crayons at my grandparent’s house as a child. Like, old crayons that were probably the same ones my dad took to kindergarten. While it’s a sweet memeory, I’m not inclined to put that on my face. Aside from the smell, the product was hard and dry. It’s going back (thank you, Ulta for being so understanding).

Matte bronzer. Another win. I don’t have this one, but K uses it basically every day. I love that it’s matte. If you’ve learned anything about me you’d know I don’t want glitter of any sort on my face. K has had some bad reactions to artificial tanners and bronzers in the past, and this is one that doesn’t bother her skin – bonus! Personally I think her skin has been doin her a favor this whole time! 😉

What NYX products have you tried? Let us know!


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