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Non-Traditional Wedding Guestbook || A Bride’s Recommendation

When it comes to weddings there are a gazillion options for every tiny detail. For real, like details you didn’t even know where a thing – yeah, there are ton of options for that. I will admit, I never played wedding as a child, I didn’t dream of this day and (gasp!)  I didn’t even have a wedding board on Pinterest. My wedding advise is typically simple: elope… 😉 That being said, our wedding was pretty much perfect (at least to us). I didn’t spend a ton of time on details, and went slightly non-traditional on a number of things. This isn’t anything wild, but one of the things we are happy we did, and still enjoy is our guestbook.

Instead of the traditional guestbook with some cheesy wedding quote on the outside and lines for all the guests to “sign in” we decided to make a Shutterfly photo guest book. I can’t take credit for the idea – they have super simple templates to follow to make your own. Bonus: they are adorable and also have pages that encourage guests to leave advise, memories, etc.

So many reasons why we love this! Just to name a few:

  1. People wrote more than just their names. We have a number of longer messages, advice and memories that friends and family wrote instead of the normal “Mr. & Mrs. So-n-so.” This will be even more significant to us years from now.
  2. We took the guestbook with us on the honeymoon and read through it on the flight. It was great to have something to continue the wedding into the honeymoon (and kill time on the flight). We still flip through this book and laugh at the messages and memories from our engagement session and wedding.
  3. Great coffee table book. We can always have this as part of our home, and we (and others) can enjoy flipping through the pictures and memories.
  4. It’s personalized and us. Another great use of those engagement photos that most people didn’t get to see. Plus, they are all organized in a book for us!

As I said, there are tons of options, but I highly recommend something like this that you can incorporate into life after the wedding and have something to remember not only that special day, but the friends and family who were with you.

Send us your unique guestbooks!


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