The Lip Color That Won’t Fade, Transfer or Disappoint (Or Will It?)

So we’ve all heard of this magic lip color that doesn’t fade, doesn’t transfer and doesn’t disappoint. Or does it?

K and I have been known to love the lip products. It is almost scary to think of the number of lipsticks, glosses, stains, etc. we’ve collected between the two of us. Obviously when I heard about LipSense I had to try it out. Just made sense.

First of all, stuff isn’t cheap. I do believe that in many cases you get what you pay for, so I went ahead and purchased. If you aren’t familiar, you get a “Starter Set” which includes color, gloss and a remover. I mean, if you need a special product to remove it…! The Starter Kit costs about $50.

My first order: Sheer pink and matte gloss.

I get it. I put it on. Eh…

It was gloopy (Not sure if that’s a word, but I know you know what I mean). It peeled off in chunks. It was weird and gross. It kind of burned.

Then I watched this video.

So first of all, if you or anyone you know sells LipSense: GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS VIDEO. Or make your own. But PLEASE tell all of your customers how to use the stuff. Trust me, we don’t all know.

Here’s the quick rundown of it:

  1. Exfoliate lips. I didn’t do this.
  2. SHAKE the product. I didn’t do this.
  3. Apply one layer in one swipe. STOP. Without touching your lips together, let dry. I didn’t do this. In fact, I applied, swiping back and forth and then rubbed my lips together. Face palm.
  4. Repeat step 2 once or twice, drying in between.
  5. Apply gloss. Also recommended that you apply a glossy gloss before a matte gloss.

I literally did not do one step right. At this point, the only one deserving of a poor review was me.

We all deserve second chances, right? I needed to order the glossy gloss, so why not get another color at the same time – Purple Reign.

After watching that video and giving it another chance, I have quite a different report. If you can muster up the patience to let each thin layer dry, it actually works pretty well. I also love this lip scrub from LUSH Cosmetics.  Do that, too.

The color did fade from the inside out, (that could be me?) but it was HOURS, meals, and drinks later. I’ll call that fair.


  • Long Lasting
  • The gloss is actually great. I love all things matte, and I actually use the glossy version. It’s not overly glossy, almost more like a great chapstick with a little shine. (Personally, I think the LipSense marketing materials make it look like the model lips are somehow balancing a gallon of water on them – it’s not that “wet” looking).


  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a mess.
  • More expensive than I typically spend on lip products.

Have you tried LipSense? Comment your thoughts!

*I purchased these items myself, this was not sponsored or requested by LipSense.



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