The Item I’m Most Excited to Shop For This Time of Year

Nerd alert. I’m about to geek out. I love planners. I also love fancy pens, cute notebooks and pretty office supplies. I actually look forward to buying a new planner. A new year, fresh pages, a restart.

That being said, I’ve tried ’em all. I’ve tried cheapo planners, expensive planners, monthly view, daily view, and all the extra organizing pages and such.

Obviously your favorite planner will be based on your personal preference, but I’ll give you an advantage on your search.

Through my years of “planning” and the stacks (on stacks, on stacks) of planners I’ve put to the test, I’ve learned that I like simple. I live by the monthly view, and rarely write anything on the daily pages. The irony of it, I really like the planners with some note pages within each month’s section so that I can make my daily to do lists…but I’m not about putting that on a daily page. To give myself some credit, my to-do lists are often longer than there is time in a day, and I do make lots of other notes within those pages.

For the organized: Erin Condren

First of all, they are legit called a LIFEPLANNER. This sounds like what I need – a tool to get my life together. It doesn’t stop there. She has planners for teachers and lesson plans, wedding planners, and all the equally adorable matching accessories. Bonus: The customer service is just as delightful. My husband ordered me one of these (I know, right?) and it didn’t come in by the ETA – they sent him another overnight. I ended up with two of these beauties.

Beauty in a range of budgets: Sugar Paper

Who knew planners could be this down right pretty? Not just planners, Sugar Paper has a variety of paper products and supplies office dreams are made of. What, you don’t dream of offices supplies? Yeah, me neither…weird… Office goals. As someone who likes to try out all the options, Sugar Paper is great because they partner with Target for budget friendly, easy to get your hands on options. This is where I discovered my love for monthly calendar + notebook within each month layout.

Approaching the end of 2016 I went to replace my Sugar Paper planner…to find that it was GONE. Could not find it. Panic. Start extreme search.

That’s where my current, and possibly new planner steps up. PosyPaperCo. Affordable, customizable, need I say more? I got this one: it has my monthly view, notebook pages in each month and more organizational tools built in. Also, since they are so customizable, you can pick your start month! This is perfect for those of you who just cannot wait to join me in planner love, or for those of us who sometimes just need something new.

I’ve tried probably 17 different ones from TJMaxx/Marshalls, and to be honest, I can’t tell you what any are or link them. Typically they are cute enough to catch my eye, cheap enough to make it into the cart but not fantastic enough to stick with me.

What’s your favorite planner and why?



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