Hearth & Hand || K’s Top Picks

Hearth & Hand at Target. Is anyone even talking about anything else?

So, I made my way over to my local Target to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, my store does not carry the full selection. But I still was able to find five items that are my favorite.

I was a little disappointed most of it was Christmas themed. Please don’t judge me, I am not a big Christmas decor lover. It takes everything in me to just put up a tree. (Cue all the yelling from women everywhere!) I know, I know…I am the weirdest person ever. It’s just not my thang.

However, I did really appreciate how toned down these Christmas pieces were compared to the norm. They were so neutral that some could last more than just the holiday season. And everything, I am talking EVERYTHING compliments each other. JoAnna…you are too good.

HH wreath

HH welcome mat.jpg

HH salt

I did buy this for my sea salt.

HH pot holdersHH garland


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