Hearth & Hand || L’s Top Picks

Two types of women in this world: the type that have spent hours looking at the new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line at Target and liars.

As if we didn’t spend enough money buying all the things we didn’t plan on at Target, they team up with Chip and Joanna to take it to a new level. Well played, Target.

So I could just take screen shots of the entire collection and tell you it’s my fav, but I’m going to be VERY picky and just show you my top 5 picks. (I like a good challenge)

1. These stockings. Now I’m cheating a little, because I want to pick them all but that would take all my five, so I’m counting as one. Seriously though, are guest stockings a thing? Even if I get myself, my husband and the two dogs one I still can’t choose! stocking

2. Mugs. Again, stretching it a bit here, but I’d consider it a set. There was an adorable Handsome & Beautiful pair, but they are already sold out!


3. This pitcher. Simple, cute, needed. Would be perfect for flowers as a centerpiece or used as a pitcher for drinks.


4. Kitchen towels. Not only are these adorable, but they aren’t just limited to this holiday season.


5. Throw Blanket. I don’t think I’ll ever have too many blankets. Soft and cozy, but not too warm – perfect for this time of year or cozying up by the fire.


What were your favorite items? Share them with us!

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