How A Crazy Cat Lady Raises A Puppy

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? I get that. Believe me, I get that.

We had recently started entertaining the idea of introducing a dog into our family a couple years prior. And with the big move, I really thought a dog could fill the hole in my heart or at least emotionally supplement it and turn into something really beautiful.

My husband and I have one daughter. At a really young age, we already know she will be our only. But you miss those moments of “baby love.” And my husband is a sucker for babies of all kinds…kittens, baby goats and those cute little hedgehogs you see all over your Facebook newsfeed. But there is one that stands above the rest for him, puppies.

We disagreed at first. I wanted to rescue an older dog and he was set in his ways of having puppy paws sliding on our hardwood floors. Do you know how he got me to change my mind? He used my cats.

“If we get a puppy, the cats will be able to assert themselves as the boss and put the puppy in its place. Rescuing an older dog, well, what if it doesn’t get along with the cats or even terrorizes them?”

Man, he is good. We got a 10 week old female golden retriever puppy.

Meet Bailey Dan Ferrell. (I don’t have time to explain her name.)


She is energetic, fast, smart, fluffy, happy, sweet, curious, hyper, lovable and a trouble maker by design. Some might say she is a Marley. And honestly, that’s the best way she can be described. She is into the trash, digging trenches in the backyard, tearing through her stuffed toys, annoying the cats and putting everything in her mouth. ALWAYS. But wow, she can really just give you all the feels with her sweetness.


Moms, some of this bring back any memories? Bailey is a baby with soft golden fur.

We put her through a training class, and her desire to socialize with everyone and everything she meets is overwhelming. I have been told this is a pretty natural thing for puppies, but my hand and arm are beat red and sore after holding her on her leash.

IMG_20170602_184253_787Crazy thing is, Bailey is so smart. She uses a bell to ring when she wants in and out. She sits, stays, lays and listens to commands like leave it or drop it. I am sure I could teach her literally ANYTHING. I have no doubt about that fact. Her breed alone takes care of that, but the puppy in her is whispering to her “Run when they open the front door” or “Jump on anyone I meet, except mom…we don’t jump on mom.” It’s exhausting.

People, my cats are nothing like her. They are easy. They take care of themselves. They cuddle and walk around on soft paws. They spend their days napping. They don’t shed NEAR AS MUCH. And they don’t need my attention 24/7.

So how does this crazy cat lady raise her puppy?

One day at a time, just like I did with my daughter. They grow and develop so quickly, even faster than babies. So, I have to remind myself everything with Bailey is a phase. One day, I will look back on this crazy puppy season and chuckle as my dog’s fur begins to grey and she naps at the end of my bed.


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