Affordable Weekend Shower Transformation || DIY

Painting your shower? Even the cashier at Home Depot questioned this idea.
This shower was one of my least favorite parts of our house when we moved in. I’ve since collected tons of dreamy showers (yes, I just described showers as dreamy – check out this Pinterest board and try to disagree) I’d love to have instead. As we started our bathroom renovation, life happened. It wasn’t really an option to completely replace the shower, so I looked for other options. Painting is one of the top ways to change your space with limited time and budget.
shower before diy transformation
I didn’t “paint” the shower – the action is similar to paint, but please do not walk away from this and try painting your shower with regular paint. Not even the primer and paint in one. Not the same.
This was a total gamble, but knowing that I wanted to eventually replace the shower, I was was up for the challenge. (Not to mention it was already an eye sore, so can I really “ruin” it?) We are happy with how it turned out, but I wouldn’t recommend this method to just anyone. The stuff is intense. It is not for the weak. That being said, I hope it stands up to wear and time just as ferociously as it smells.
Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

*Note: This is not sponsored. I purchased my materials, post contains no affiliate links and opinions are my own.

You can find it here. I followed the directions on the box. The cleaning/prep part is important. Honestly, it was a huge pain, but it’s so nice to have a DEEP CLEAN shower.
My biggest tip: VENTILATION. This is key. No joke. If you have a window in the bathroom, open it. Buy a mask. Buy fans. Take breaks. You think I’m overreacting? Try it and get back to me on that.
Next tip: Tape, use drop cloths, wear gloves…cover anything and everything you can. Again, it’s not your normal paint that you can simply wipe off surfaces with a wet towel. This has some sort of waterproof (you are putting it in a shower…), chemical fusing power. It bonds to whatever it touches.
Additional tip thrown in at no extra charge: Buy a big pack of foam rollers. The stuff will tear up your rollers. Have backups. Plus, the foam seemed to apply the product to the tile well. I used these.
I did end up needing 2 of the kits, but it’s a good sized shower, and the ceiling is actually tiled, as well (don’t ask…).
shower after transformation
Have you tried something similar? How did it turn out? Trying this – let us know your thoughts!

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