5 Things You Can Do To Kick Off Spring

Whether or not it’s still snowing, spring is here! I’m ready to embrace it (even if that means pretending it isn’t still cold out), and these are a few things I’m doing to kick-start spring:

1. Throw some stuff away!

This is my favorite version of “spring cleaning” – you may prefer to deep clean the back corners of the guest bedroom closet, but nothing makes me feel better than throwing shit away. Start small – maybe it’s just clearing some of the catch all off the counter (please, please tell me I’m not the only one?). Feel free to take it up a notch (or 12) and throw away old boxes in the basement, or a dark cabinet in the kitchen. If you don’t use it, get it out! Donate if you feel like it’s still too good to throw away.

2. Start switching over your closet

I haven’t always done this, but it ties back to decluttering – if you pick up each item and think about where it belongs…it might not always be in your closet. Your style changes, clothes wear, and let’s be frank: I’m no longer the size I was in high school, so I probably don’t need those jeans taking up space in my closet. (Now I do say start because it may be spring, but it’s also in the 40s here.)

3. Set a Goal(s)

Set a personal goal – do something for yourself. This doesn’t have to be huge, but setting goals and making lists are some of my favorite things…especially when written with a fancy pen in a pretty notebook. Those are optional, but I challenge you to set one goal. Maybe it’s to drink more coffee, or get more sleep? You do you.

4. Plant Something

Nothing  says spring quite like pretty plants and pastel flowers. The husband and I plan to start a garden again this year and maybe plant some trees on the property. I might even attempt a couple potted plants. And then I’ll go to IKEA because they have the best faux plants ever and they are cheap. I said plant something, didn’t say it had to be alive 😉

5. Get Outside

Might still have to grab a jacket (or gloves and a hat), but some Vitamin D does the body and mind GOOD. Go for a walk, have lunch on a patio with friends – get out there. Enjoy it.

What is your favorite way to welcome spring?



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