Meet L & K

We are friends, former coworkers and moms (of some sort). We are L&K.

We started this blog as an outlet for ourselves, and a resource for our readers. Whether you are looking for advice on daily lifestyle topics, a lighthearted read or just something to remind yourself that you aren’t the only crazy one out there – we hope you find that here.

(L)eah: I happen to be the lucky wife of a wonderful man, “dog mom” to the two best pups on Earth and a Jesus-loving marketing professional geeking out in the digital world. I enjoy the outdoors (when it is above 60 degrees in temperature and less than 60% humidity…) where I love to kayak, shoot, play fetch and just relax. I want to motivate young professionals to chase dreams and empower them to accomplish goals along the way. I’m fueled by caffeine, but also love a craft beer or cheap bottle of wine.

(K)asarah: I spend most of my days wondering how those super moms do it all, while I binge watch Netflix and chase after my cute five-year-old . Then I remember there is more than one way to live and I really enjoy my sweatpants. I also really enjoy my husband, so much so that we recently left the only home and city we have ever known so he could grow his career. Some days feel like everything is falling into place and others keep me in bed until noon. My faith, family and friends carry me on the hard days…who am I kidding they carrying me everyday! But to me that is what it is all about, encouraging and shining a light in the lives of others.